The Harkin Summit: Innovating for Inclusion

Doubling Disability Employment In A Changing Landscape


APRIL 8-9, 2019 • PARIS

Marriott Champs-Elysees

About the Summit

In its first year, the Harkin International Disability Employment Summit convened 180+ attendees from 30 countries over 1.5 days. The Summit was an invitation-only event of select stakeholders who had been successful at employing people with all types of disabilities, or adapting policies and practices that encourage others to do so.


Former U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin

“The unemployment rate among adult Americans with disabilities who want to work and can work is over 60%! That is a blot on our national character.”

Sen. Harkin’s farewell speech
to the Senate


Let's Go: Business leaders share successes and challenges

The first Plenary Panel of the 4th Harkin International Disability Employment Summit was a high energy discussion aimed to motivate and mobilize participants to accelerate global change in the business marketplace.

Panel facilitator Caroline Casey, Founder of Valuable 500, kicked off the session.

2019 Harkin Summit kicks off in Paris

The 4th Harkin International Disability Employment Summit (Harkin Summit) opened in Paris with three dynamic leaders, Manuel Patrouillard, Senator Tom Harkin, and Sophie Cluzel. Patrouillard, the director general of Humanity and Inclusion opened the session with heartfelt gratitude for the partnership with the Harkin Institute and commitment to the Harkin Summit.

Harkin Institute releases 2018 Summit journal

The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement has released the conference proceedings for the 2018 Harkin International Disability Employment Summit. The Harkin International International Disability Employment Journal provides detailed information and takeaways from the third Harkin Summit, which took place November 15-16, 2018, in Washington, D.C.