The Harkin Summit: Innovating for Inclusion

Doubling Disability Employment In A Changing Landscape

Thursday-Friday, November 2-3

The Harkin Summit convenes high-level representatives and grassroots implementers from around the world - all working to increase the employment of people with disabilities. This running blog is your resource for the latest information from the summit. Check back often!


SUMMIT ARTICLE: Employees with disabilities play a key role at Microsoft

"How do you talk and build accessible products if you don’t have disability in the fabric of your culture?"
- Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft

VIDEO: Learn more about Microsoft's Autism Hiring Program

Preview shot of video about Microsoft's Autism Hiring Program

TWITTER MOMENT: See what people were saying during Jenny Lay-Flurrie's presentation.

VIDEO: Watch Jenny Lay-Flurrie's speech (with captions)


Screenshot of a Facebook post about Jenny Lay-Flurrie


SUMMIT ARTICLE: Senator Maggie Hassan: Full inclusion is critical to the strength of our society

“Fully including all people – regardless of their personal circumstances – is critical to the strength of our people and our society, and I am proud to represent a state that has a long history and tradition of inclusiveness.”


View photos from Day 1

A collage of photos from the 2017 Harkin Summit, including a photo of the general session, a photo of Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft, a photo of disability Advocate Sean Fitzsimmons and a photo of Senator Tom Harkin.


SUMMIT ARTICLE: Senator Tom Harkin kicked off the 2017 Harkin Summit with a challenge

"It is my hope and my dream that we can double the labor force participation rate of people with disabilities in the US and around the world in the next 10 years."