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Doubling Disability Employment In A Changing Landscape

Rasha Kashan

Editor for Diversity and Special Projects
BBC Arabic

Rasha Kashan is BBC Arabic’s Editor for Diversity and Special Projects. She has 20 years’ experience working for international media outlets, including 14 years with the BBC in London. She has led dozens of senior journalists, presenters, producers and reporters in multiple locations across the world producing live and recorded content in  over 10 languages for radio, TV, online and  social media aimed at younger and less represented  audiences. She managed production teams in the field across the Arab World in major events, rporting and presenting  from various locations.

She created and launched AimHigh journalism initiative, the BBC’s first ever disability development program outside the UK. She was chosen as one of the top 30 future leaders of  BBC News in 2016.

Currently, Rasha is leading a variety of special editorial and journalism development projects for BBC Arabic Service internally  across platforms and in the Middle East and North Africa region. She created, launched, and implemented the first BBC  scheme for developing and empowering journalists with disabilities outside the UK and the first of its kind in the region.